About Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson is a London based digital strategist working for SeedInvest in New York. He has always had an interest in photography. He also enjoys writing in the third person on the ‘about’ pages of websites for SEO purposes.

Peter Thomson Photography

Peter Thomson of London Street Photo, shooting in Clerkenwell London.

About London Street Photo: This site is a collection of my experiences shooting street photography around London and the world. My first camera as a child was an Olympus OM made in 1979 (the same year I was). I grew up shooting various film cameras and loved them. However, my last real camera was the legendary Olympus MJU II. Like a lot of people, I moved to digital, and lost my way.

This blog is a journal of my rediscovery of photography when I arrived in London, bought a Panasonic GF2 mini-slr and became involved in the street photography community. I’ve rediscovered my lost love of photography through exploring the streets of London.

I’m also a Digital Brand Strategist by day so storytelling, interviewing people and observing the world around me are real passions. Street photography is a wonderful hobby for an amateur anthropologist because people are so fascinating.

You can find my blog at Peter Thomson.

My Google profile is at +Peter Thomson