50 Faces Project

The Fifty Faces Portrait project was created by Peter Thomson, Stephen Tolfrey and Tim McCready.

Setting a goal will give you a totally new approach to photography. A collaborative project gives you that perfect mix of inspiration and peer pressure. It keeps you shooting, even on the days you don’t feel like it.

Sitting around in bars in London with designers and creatives tends to lead to talking smack about personal projects and how we wish we all had more time to do creative side projects.


The 50 Faces project is a chance for new photographers and even hardened professionals to reconnect with their love of portraits and storytelling.


We want to tell the unique stories of 50 friends, family and community around each photographer.

Friends, family, community or the barista that made your coffee this morning… they all have a story to tell.


The real goal of this website is to bring out the human stories around us. To reconnect with each other.