Anthony Stonehouse with the Lumix G3

Each month we’ll be profiling a local street photographer from around London. Not all of the photographers will be pure street photographers, but there is something about street photography that we can learn from all of them. This month we’re profiling Anthony Stonehouse, a Design Director who’s worked in Australia, Japan, the UAE and the UK.

Anthony and I met while we were both trying out the Panasonic GX1. He told me that “Most of my images are taken for their composition or light, rather than for a particular subject or candid moment.” I think this brings a bit more depth to his composition than many of my own run-and-gun candid street photos. I’ve picked five of Anthony’s photos that helped remind me to explore composition and light.

1. Do you prefer wide angle or zoom for street photography and why?
I prefer wide angle as I generally like to capture a scene, rather than just a crop of a particular subject. I quite like the challenge of shooting with a longer focal length though, and think it makes you look for subjects of interest rather than being as concerned with composition.

High angle street shot

Conveying a message or sense of place and culture, even if only subtly gives your street photos depth. (Photo by A. Stonehouse)

2. Do you interact with your subjects?
Never, unless I know them.

Panasonic Street Photo

Interacting with your subjects isn’t always the way to get the best shot. (Photo by A. Stonehouse)

3. Have you ever been spotted by someone or gotten into trouble doing street photography?
No, but I spend more time photographing architecture or landscapes.

Micro Four Thirds Street Photograph

If you pick your moment you can easily photograph people without being spotted. (Photo by A. Stonehouse)

4. What was the first camera you owned?
The first camera I bought was an Olympus OM-101. (ed. The OM series were great film SLRs, that were light and portable. They heavily inspired the Micro Four Thirds range.)

Anthony Stonehouse

Wide angle shots allow you to convey a sense of space. (Photo by A. Stonehouse)

5. Are you trying to communicate an overall message with your street photography?
I’m generally trying to pick up on the local culture through the images I capture.

Close up street shots

People are influenced by the photography gear they grew up with. (Photo by A. Stonehouse)

You can find Anthony’s other architecture, travel and landscape shots on Flickr. Anthony has also spotted the local Cripplegate Photographic Society who have some excellent talks. Be sure to check them out.

Next month London Street Photo will have a guest photographer from Belgium with some great photos of London and a Video Producer with a grungy view of London’s streets.

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