Oxford Street Flasher

On the corner of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Rd today I stumbled across a photographer using a hand-held flash to grab street portraits. It was a moment of serendipity because I was wandering along, thinking about how “asked” stranger portraits like the Extra Day Project are different to candid street photography. I stopped to chat for a moment.

Flash Street Photography

Using a flash for street photography changes the social interaction with your subject.

He’d been spit at, chased and attacked. But said that most people react very positively. In fact, many play up for the camera.

Flash Street Photo on Oxford St

A hand held off camera flash gives you more freedom to move

He was politely thanking people after he’d taken the shot. So not quite as aggressive as Bruce Gilden but definitely an in your face style.

Hand held flash street photo

Using a hand held flash requires balls.

His favourite technique tip for flash based street photography was to just get out and shoot more. Unfortunately his blog isn’t working so I can’t find him on Flickr or the web. If you know him then please get in touch because I’d love to feature some of his photographs.

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