50 Faces Project

The 50 Faces Project is a shared photography challenge to encourage people to take more portraits and to have their portraits tell a real story. As well as the photography, each portrait includes three questions, one each about the subject’s past, present and future.

50 Faces Project

The Fifty Faces Project challenges you to shoot 50 portraits of your friends, family and community.

The challenge is to capture 50 portraits of people we see regularly ranging from our friends and family to our community and workplace. It seems easier than the 100 Strangers Project but it’ll be challenge for me to shoot people I wouldn’t normally ask to sit for a portrait.

Now I have an excuse to ask the girl in Starbucks who makes my coffee, to see if I can take her portrait and ask her story. The project has already forced me to ask some funny questions of my friends and family.

You can check out the project and join up as well, at www.50faces.org

2 thoughts on “50 Faces Project

  1. What a great idea for a project, personally i’m more of a landscape photographer and usually shy away from photographing people but this could be something to get over that “fear”..

    great stuff.


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