Sony RX1 Full Frame Street Camera

Sony have just leaked the first images of the new RX1 full frame camera. The Sony RX1 will compete with the Fuji X100 and a bunch of other fixed lens retro cameras. But the RX1 has a sensor the same size as a 35mm film. This means that it is going to be stunning in low light and allow for a faster shutter speed when shooting on the street.

Sony rx1 street photography

The RX1 has a full 35mm film sized sensor so it will be an impressive camera for street photography.

The 35mm f2.0 lens will let in a lot of light and will allow for a fairly shallow depth of field. Engadget is quite excited about the pro features on the camera. I’m excited about the subtle looks and retro feel. It’s perfect for candid street photography. Putting your subject at ease that you’re not pointing an SLR at them.

Sony RX1 street photography camera

The RX1 lens isn’t small.

The Sony RX1 isn’t going to be pocketable because the lens is too big. In fact, it’ll be quite a big lens to point at someone. But the overall feel is perfect for street photography.

With no viewfinder the RX1 could take some getting used to for professional photographers. Although the hotshoe will allow for a simple optical viewfinder which could work very well. Personally I’d go for the Lieca 36mm optical viewfinder to match the RX1 and use the additional 1mm viewing angle as margin of error when framing.

Sony RX1 Viewfinder

The Leica 36mm optical viewfinder would be a good match for the Sony RX1.

The hybrid optical viewfinder on the Fuji x100 is a real drawcard so maybe Sony still have something up their sleeves. An external hybrid viewfinder perhaps?

Sony rx1 optical viewfinder

The Sony RX1 will suit an optical viewfinder because of the fixed lens.

Another option would be a sportsfinder with just the metal wire outline of the 35mm field of view. I use one with my GF2 14mm lens and love it.

The Canon EOS M, Canon s100 and Fuji X100 are going to get quite a run for their money from this new camera. The release date hasn’t been set yet and I’ll do a full RX1 review as soon as I can get my hands on one. What do you think? Is the fixed lens too restrictive?

2 thoughts on “Sony RX1 Full Frame Street Camera

  1. I recently bought the Sony RX100 for a trip to Europe because I didn’t want to carry my 7D CANON and the extra lenses. The pictures that i got from such a light and small camera were amazing. I also started taking “street” pictures for the first time because I wanted to get some “real life” moments in Europe and the pics were very good. The RX100 is very fast and with a fixed 1.8 lens you get extremely good shallow depth of field n very good results in low light conditions. Is very silent and most of the time my subjects didnt even knew i was taking their pictures even at very close distance. With the 1 inch sensor the pictures are great. Check it out and give us your thoughts about it. I am a Newsanchor and investigative reporter for UNIVISION network in the US.

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