Best Street Photography Camera 2013

The best street photography camera of 2013 will depend on your style of street shooting. There is a saying that the best camera for street photography is “the one that you have with you”. Which would imply that smaller is always better. But that doesn’t mean that a smaller camera is automatically better, just that you need to decide your priorities.

Best street camera style

Henri Cartier Bresson shot in three distinct styles. Which one you identify with might help you choose the best street photography camera for you.

Street photography is a passion, a hobby and an artform so you’ll need to move on from your basic point and shoot into something more timeless. Sure, go out and experiment with your iPhone or your Point-and-Shoot, but once you’ve tested out whether you enjoy street shooting, then you’ll need a craftsman’s tool.

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Canon EOS M Street Photography

Canon’s new EOS M will be an interesting camera for street photographers. The larger sensor size should allow for nice shallow depth of field and better performance in low light. But the lens range of Micro 43 is well matured with some lovely lenses from Olympus and Leica.

EOS M Sample Street Photo

Sample of the EOS M in use on the street. Contrast is good and details are sharp.

The Canon is launching into a crowded market. But in the end it will come down to whether it’s the right camera for your style of street shooting. The small size and high image quality is going to give micro four thirds cameras a run for their money.

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